niagram with hatOne of my greatest pleasures during my childhood days was to travel
along with the ‘procession’ of ants as one among them. I spoke with
them. I keep this habit still with me. I have been writing since my
middle school years

I was born in an ancient beautiful greenish village named
Thamarakkulam’  (a pond  full of lotus flowers) at
the southern end of India. Prostitutes, beggars, saints, famous
writers, notorious pickpockets, farmers and communist and congress
party workers lived together there. My mother loved to be proud that she could read most of the greatest
books of the world. Every night, after household chores, my mother
used to scribble short stories, poetries and articles along with her
sorrows in her old pale yellowish diary. This atmosphere was the
motivation and energy of my writing.

Although I born in a joint family, I liked to sit alone and loved
loneliness. Thus I became a good reader. While  doing my graduation, I
won the award of ‘Kerala grandhashala sangham’ (State library council)
for the best reader who read maximum number of books.
I realized that the world is so complicated when I came to the town
from my village, for studies. I met old prostitutes, orphans and
lepers. I was a permanent visitor of Nooranad Leprosy Sanatorium, the
biggest sanatorium of Asia. My frequent visits gave me many
intellectual friends among the lepers.

After the law school , i have worked extensively as a human Rights Activist with special interest in police atrocities against women prisoners. I hold another interest in Rights of Sex workers and gender politics.
I have received many awards for my poetry, stories and articles. I have won many philosophical debates. Received the prizes for the best orator in many intercollegiate competitions. My short story collection named ‘ Slave Dynasty ‘(Adimavamsam) was one of the best sellers in India.
I was an active state member of All India people Theatre Association ,All India students movement and International Women’s Federation, Living in America ( Chicago).
I am pursuing my interest in Freelance writings and Civil Rights Activities.
“The Gospel of Mary Magdalene and Me”was submitted for the 2014 Manbooker Prize. This is a book that was completed in a span of ten years after having referred more than 500 authoritative books. Now this book occupies a pride of place on the bookshelves of about 60 countries. In the second biggest international book festival of the world, The Dubai International Book Fair of 2015, where ten million people came, and which extended to two weeks, this book was released by the Hon. Indian Ambassador Seetharam, by handing it over to the famous Indian writer Sethu. It might seem a coincidence that in the above function, Dan Brown, the author of the book ‘The Da Vinci Code’ was also present.
In addition to this, this book is one of the best 98 books, chosen from the Malayalam language at the Frankfurt International Book Festival, with an intension to translate and to acquaint Malayalam books with world class literature. This, I consider, is a great honour I received for my novel. I have participated in many international seminars. An important one among them is the International History Seminar in 2015. A paper of mine titled ‘Post-Colonial Feminist and Feminist Identity’ was presented there. Dr. Upinder Singh, daughter of the then Indian Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh, Dr. Margret Frenz, granddaughter of Dr. Herman Gundert, K.N.Panocker, M.G.S.Narayanan and others had presented papers at the seminar. The fictional Biographical novel titled Just Another Day In Paradise, written by the famous American writer Tom Mathews, New York , based on my life story when I was a Human rights lawyer, is available on, as well as with the famous book distributors of America, Barners & Noble. There are visitors from 112 countries around the world to my website

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